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We now provide our popular 1-on-1 “face-to-face” or your group courses at our
or your office,or Online via “Zoom” etc, anywhere in Australia. 

 We can show you what can be done using the power of Microsoft 365 which is more than what Excel can do on its own. We can also intergate Word, Excel, Access and Outlook. 

Since 1985, Fast Track Computer Solutions (Multi-Award winning Small Business Awards, from 2003), has helped 1000’s in WA with Microsoft 365 Training , Support, Programming and Business Solutions. 

Our most popular MS 365 course consists of the following, or select 1 or 2 or all 3:

Excel (Basic) = 6 hours (3 x 2 hour units) ***  Word = 4 Hours (2 x 2 hour units) *** Outlook = 2 Hours

Our training is typically 1-on-1 (or your group), and is held over 2 or 3 hours units on different days to suit your busy schedule.
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So why not learn with an Industry and Business Professional with over 50 years expertise in accounting, job costing, estimating, administration, planning, reporting, covering many industries?

 Emma Lee – Office Administrator, on 04/08/201, writes:

“I have recently finished my Basic Excel, Word and Outlook course with Ivor.

I needed a refresh before entering back into Administration. I learnt so much and I am really looking forward to putting everything into practice.

Ivor’s one-on-one training is amazing. I did my Excel training over 3 days, Word and Outlook over 2 days. I found this to be so much more beneficial than a one day course as I could really soak up all the information I was being taught. Ivor was great and worked at a pace I could really keep up with.

I walked away from my training each day feeling really confident with my newly learnt skills. I applied for a job while I was in training with Ivor and I was able to secure this new role. I am thrilled!!!

I could not recommend Fast Track Computer Solutions enough! I will be back to do my Advanced Excel with him in the coming Months and look at all other courses I have not done with him to keep upskilling.

Thank you so much Ivor for sharing your incredible knowledge”.

Lucia Clarke – HSE Officer, writes on 07/08/21:

I picked Ivor’s one-on-one course as I was transitioning out of a nursing job into a safety role that I knew commanded intermediate Office Suite skills. I had attended group classes in the past and found that I did not have enough time with the teacher given the class sizes.

I started with WORD, then EXCEL and have just completed the OUTLOOK component. I have learned so many ‘shortcut tricks’ that I have been able to apply to the safety job I was able to secure during this training. These courses have given me the confidence to navigate the Office Suite program, and keep up with colleagues and the computer workload, as part of my safety role.

Ivor is extremely personable and professional. He patiently explains the different concepts and is happy to revise concepts taught in previous sessions.

I Googled, looking for one-on-one courses and am so happy that I found Ivor. It just what I needed for my career in safety.

Thank you Ivor for helping to further my career.

We promise that you will be Delighted, not just Satisfied!

Fast Track Your Learning with
Microsoft Office 365 Training Perth

Fast Track Computer Solutions will get you fully competent in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Project, Outlook using Microsoft Training Perth. One-on-One, or your company’s group, is our speciality.

Businesses today need streamlined systems that are easy to use, save time, reduce errors, and save money. This is why we started Fast Track Computer Solutions, way back in 1985! Firstly, we help you identify data that is important to your business operations and ensure it is available from your own customised business system. Our Business Solutions are developed in Microsoft Office Professional and MS Office 365. This enables your team to share vital data in “the Cloud“, if required. Also we may be able to share data from your Accounting Software. Reduce wasted time and effort in your business, and increase your bottom line with expert training in Microsoft Office. Fast Track Computer Solutions offers flexible, small group or one-on-one training covering Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Access and Project, to businesses in Perth and across Australia and New Zealand. Excel Courses Perth here.

From integrated module covering contract administration and bookkeeping, contract and specifications, variations, progress claims, invoicing, purchasing, cost management and reporting, and more, streamline your business operations with our expert training courses.

Fast Track Computer Solutions also provides custom software application development to streamline your business operations. We provide invaluable business education so you are ahead of your competition with Microsoft Training Perth.

Microsoft Access
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Project
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Powerpoint
Primavera Training
Custom Software

MYOB, Zero, Quickbooks, Etc. Integration


With more than 50 years of experience in IT, Project Management, Business Administration and Bookkeeping, and training Excel Word Project Access Outlook and Primavera we service all industries including;

Shop Fitting
Job Production Tracking
Builders & Specialist Trades
Medical & Health
Steel Fabrication
Equipment Rental
Plant Maintenance
Used Car Dealership
Insurance Jobbings
Safety Audits
Memembership Administration
Document Management & Control
Site Inductions
Sale Leads
Job Costing
Logistics Management
Vehicle Towing
Limousine Booking
Farming & Agriculture

MYOB, Zero, Quickbooks Integration

Waste Management
Federal, State & Local Government
Customer Relationship Management
And Much More!


I have recently taken on a new position as a Director of an Early Learning Centre. I found myself stumbling through the software packages of Outlook, Excel and Powerpoint, as when I went to school we didn’t use computers. So I enrolled in a one day course in the city to try and upskill my knowledge. After taking the whole day off work and going into the city for the course I realise that I didn’t really learn much as I find it all overwhelming with the group setting and too much to take it at one time.

I find Ivor on the internet and thought that maybe one on one would be better. I started with a Powerpoint course and it was excellent I was able to go at my pace and ask questions as I thought of them and not worry about holding anyone else up.

I have since done an Outlook course with Ivor and will definitely be coming back to do training in Excel very soon.

I would highly recommend Ivor to anyone and wish I hadn’t spent all that time and money with another company.

Claire Stannard

Director, Early Learning Centre

Thank you Ivor for teaching me the basics on Excel. You have been very patient with me. I am looking forward to sorting out my spreadsheets and compiling my annual budget, with Ivor's help its getting to be a lot easier. Instead of doing 1 full day I have done 3 split sessions, more time to practice. then the next session follows up anything I had trouble with. Also not so full on day of Excel overload!

Beki Yates

Pet Specialty Territory Manager, Elanco Animal Health

I needed to refresh intermediate and advanced Word skills. I chose Fast Track because of the 1-on-1 class setting. Which suits me better than a group class setting as I don't like to feel like I'm holding anyone up and don't like to be held up in class. The training was suited to what I wanted and covered anything I needed to. The environment is relaxed and the course material is detailed and the knowledge imparted by Ivor priceless. If a 1-on-1 or small group setting is what you are looking for, Fast Track is the place.

Chantelle Heyden


I required some one on one excel training and called a few different places. Ivor at Fast Track was far more flexible than any of the other places I contacted, and I was able to complete my course at times convenient for me. Ivor’s pricing for the course was also better than all the other places I contacted. Ivor tailors the course to suit your needs, something that is rare these days. I highly recommend Ivor to anyone needing assistance with Excel. Thanks.


Interior Desgin Consultant/Contract Administrator


A trained Quantity Surveyor, Registered Building Practitioner, and Project Planning and Cost-Control Engineer with over 50 years national and international experience in construction, engineering, project management and general business, Ivor also possesses an understanding of computers and software that most of us can only envy.

In addition, Ivor is an Accredited Trainer, as well has being Perth’s original Microsoft Office and Project trainer and specialist in Excel Word Project Access Outlook and Primavera. Read more about Ivor by clicking here.


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