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#1 Famous Excel Training Courses Perth Trusted since 1985. Elevate your Excel Skills and Advance your Career with our Amazing Courses.

Enroll in our most respected amazing 1-on-1 face-to-face or Your Group flexible Excel Training Courses.
Call Ivor now on (08) 9275-9188 to see how we can help you and your staff, or email 1000’s Assisted.

Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced:   1-on-1 Face-to-Face, or Your Group.
At Your Level, Pace and any Suitable Time.

Our Famous Microsoft Excel Training Courses Perth – Flexible and Tailored for You, on Saturdays too! (Discounts apply for your group - 2 or more!)


Basic Course Outline

Become the Spreadsheet "Go To" Expert at work!


Intermediate to Advanced Course Outline

(Now includes Intro to Power Query).

Unlock Your Full Productivity with our Awesome Excel Courses Perth 1-on-1 or Group, Face-to-Face, or Online via Zoom/Teams etc, anywhere in Australia.

Your Trainer, Ivor, has a background in Construction, Engineering, Mining, but has helped 1000’s including “Stay at Home Mums”, and folk wishing to enhance their careers. He is one of the most Senior Trainers in Excel in WA and Australia with over 50 years expertise.

Do not enroll with another provider who may use contract trainers whose first language may not even be English!
Learn Excel skills with us.

Excel Training in 2 or 3 hour units at times to suit you and your Team.

See what a Project Administrator on 16/05/2023 wrote: 

“Thank you for the training you provided last week, our staff were extremely happy with the (Excel) course content”.

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Microsoft Office Excel Training

The Unbelievably Easy Way to learn Microsoft Excel from an Expert.

Excel Training Perth

Excel Developer Perth - Be trained by one of Australia’s most Senior Expert Excel Trainers!

We have no set dates, rather, we fit in with your busy schedule, in 2 hour blocks for maximum retention. We may be able to train at your office, a fee to cover travel and parking, may be chargeable.
Fast Track Computer Solutions is a wholly owned Western Australian small business providing continuous MS Office services, since 1985. Ivor started developing Excel spreadsheets in the early 1980s. We also teach Microsoft Excel Online via Teams, Google Meet, etc.
excel training perth wa

This course has become one of the most sought-after Excel Training Courses, for over 39 years!

Read Our Excel Training Reviews
Read Our Excel Training Reviews
See the Benefits of Training With Us
See the Benefits of Training With Us
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Basic Course Outline
Advanced Software Development Process Diagram
Intermediate to Advanced Course Outline (Now includes Power Query)

Unlock your Potential - Advance your Career as Excel Developer

Work with us in a group or one-on-one and sharpen your Excel skills to increase your productivity. We tailor our courses to suit anyone from a complete beginner all the way up to advanced expert with our face-to-face interactive and specialised Excel Courses Perth. We can also work on (and improve) your spreadsheets. Learn formulas and Functions too.

Thousands of members of the Perth West Australian workforce have completed our Excel Training, and we are proud to be one the oldest Excel Training Perth provider in WA (since 1985), if not, in the whole of Australia.

We can also teach you on Saturday mornings!

(Learn from us in 2 or 3 hour blocks, to suit your busy schedule. This is far better than trying to cram too much information in a mind-numbing 6 or 8 hour course which most other courses offer.

I have recently finished my Basic Excel, Word and Outlook course with Ivor.

I needed a refresh before entering back into Administration. I learnt so much and I am really looking forward to putting everything into practice.

Ivor’s one-on-one training is amazing. I did my Excel training over 3 days, Word and Outlook over 2 days. I found this to be so much more beneficial than a one day course as I could really soak up all the information I was being taught. Ivor was great and worked at a pace I could really keep up with.

I walked away from my training each day feeling really confident with my newly learnt skills. I applied for a job while I was in training with Ivor and I was able to secure this new role. I am thrilled!!!

I could not recommend Fast Track Computer Solutions enough! I will be back to do my Advanced Excel with him in the coming Months and look at all other courses I have not done with him to keep upskilling.

Thank you so much Ivor for sharing your incredible knowledge.

Emma Lee – Office Administrator, writes on 04/08/21:

I picked Ivor’s one-on-one course as I was transitioning out of a nursing job into a safety role that I knew commanded intermediate Office Suite skills. I had attended group classes in the past and found that I did not have enough time with the teacher given the class sizes.

I started with WORD, then EXCEL and have just completed the OUTLOOK component. I have learned so many ‘shortcut tricks’ that I have been able to apply to the safety job I was able to secure during this training. These courses have given me the confidence to navigate the Office Suite program, and keep up with colleagues and the computer workload, as part of my safety role.

Ivor is extremely personable and professional. He patiently explains the different concepts and is happy to revise concepts taught in previous sessions.

I Googled, looking for one-on-one courses and am so happy that I found Ivor. It just what I needed for my career in safety.

Thank you Ivor for helping to further my career.

Lucia Clarke – HSE Officer, writes on 07/08/21:

I had got to a point in my life where I really needed to learn to use programmes such as Microsoft Excel.

After putting it off for so long and making contact with other organisations that ran Classrooms or small
groups , I Spoke with Ivor from Fast Track Computer Solutions .

Ivor advised that the Classroom type 6 hour Day courses would not be beneficial and that he would only train in 2 hour day blocks.

I’m so glad I took Ivor’s advice and over the period of 3 days learnt Excel (basic) as I would have never really learnt more than 40% of Excel in  6 hour 1 day course .

I highly recommend Fast Track Computer Solutions.

Thank you Ivor

Chris Mclennan – Mechanical Supervisor, writes on 02/11/20:

“Thank you for conducting the Excel Training (via Zoom). The presentation of the Excel training was very clear and gave a good foundation on how speardsheets are constructed and formulas embedded into worksheets.

Having you share useful tips on Excel was also appreciated. I look forward to putting my training in practice and engaging you further for future training.” 

Belinda Dent (CEO Personal Assistant – Shire of Collie) writes on 18/09/2020:

I’ve really enjoyed my one-on-one Excel Training at Fast Track with Ivor. It was great to be able to ask questions or ask Ivor to go over anything I felt I hadn’t quite grasped. That’s not something that you can easily do in a group type of class. Ivor explains the information very clearly so it’s not confusing, and that’s the foremost thing I need from an instructor. I have learnt a lot more about Excel and feel so much more confident of using it and exploring it.

I didn’t feel confident of my knowledge of Excel, and I know there’s a lot more to it, but I’m extremely happy with what I have learnt. Thank you Ivor!!!! I will definitely recommend your services!!! 

Maria Di Lello (Professional Resume Writer) writes on 28/07/2020:

 I would highly recommend Ivor and his Excel 1 on 1 training courses.  I had been using excel for 20 years and after starting my new job I soon realized I knew nothing about the capabilities Excel had to offer and struggled with some of the formulas.

Ivor was able to split the two courses over a few Saturdays making it easier to retain the information, this also gave me the opportunity to practice the new skills learnt at my place of work between the training days.  If I then had any questions I could ask Ivor the next day I returned.

Ivor’s knowledge and information supplied and being able to tailor the courses to my actual job needs has definitely made my job a lot easier and I can honestly say I am more then capable to complete any excel task set by my employer.

Apart from covering the basics we covered Vlookups, Data Validation, Pivot Tables, Conditional Formatting, Sumif, Sumifs, Sum Products, Speak on Enter, etc.

Thankyou Ivor for your knowledge and your unique training skills. 

Aileen (Accounts Administrator) writes on 25/07/2020:

I recently started a new job within my husband’s company undertaking an administration job.

This was very scary as my computer skill were very limited coming from a back ground in personal training.

I was recommended Ivor through a family friend, and have recently completed my Excel and Word training.

Training with Fast Track Computer Solutions was amazing. I was extremely nervous as I am not fast on a computer and my learning skills are not what they used to be, but this course was well presented, well explained and very helpful

Ivor has a massive range of skills to offer and explains and shows these skills in a way that you can understand and take in.

I will definitely be using the skills I have learnt and will be coming back to learn more! 

Nikki Doutch (Administrator) writes on 29/05/2020:

“After selling my small business and wanting to change careers to be in an administration role I came to Ivor for Microsoft Excel and Word training.

Although I thought I already knew Excel the basics, what Ivor taught me was above and beyond. I found the one on one training extremely helpful and beneficial, as Ivor was able to recognise particular areas I needed specific help in and focus more on those.

I will definitely be back to further my skills and knowledge in PowerPoint and Outlook. And will be recommending Fast Track to anyone else needing to refresh of further their computer skills.

Thank you” 

Rochelle Goddard writes on 04/07/2019:

“I was looking for a suitable Excel course in Perth when I came across Ivor Kosowitz and his 1-on-1 training course. I agreed mutually accepted dates and times and benefited tremendously from Ivor’s significant depth of knowledge and pragmatic approach.

Ivor tuned the course to my specific needs and his extensive industrial and commercial knowledge was evident from the start. I will be back for additional advanced training on both Excel, and Primavera.
I would recommend Ivor for any level of training on Excel, beginner to advanced. He has contributed significantly to my increased knowledge.” 

Michael Johnson (Chartered Engineer) writes on 01/02/2019:

“I came to Ivor for training hoping he could teach me the basics of Excel as I had not had any previous exposure to this Microsoft programme.

Being 48 years old I felt it very daunting and quite nervous, but from the initial start I felt totally at ease and Ivor was very accommodating.

In the 3 sessions that I had, I learnt so much more than I had hoped too. I can say that I feel so much more competent, and what I have learned is so valuable to my under taking of a new role.

Without the help of Ivor I truly feel I would not be pursuing my future role.

Thank you so much for your help and patience.” 

Angela Sinclair writes on 13/09/2018:

“My name is Tania and I have been working as a Medical Receptionist for a while now. I applied for a position as a Medical Secretary/PA, which I got. I did inform the Doctor that my Excel skills were not the best. He was ok with this, but I was not!

I found Ivor on Google while searching for Excel courses in Perth, and really liked the idea of 1-on- 1 training as I do not perform well in a classroom. I rang Ivor and he was able to fit me in straight away. I did 2 hours training per day over a period of 3 days. I learnt so much from Ivor in that time. He is a great teacher and was very patient with me as I have really only used Medical Programs which are not complicated at all.

I class this as an investment for my career path, and it is one the best investments I have made this year!” 

Multi-Award Winning Small Business Awards, Fast Track Computer Solutions, offers training at our office, or we will come to you for personalised training with you or your staff, including Perth CBD. We have trained 1000’s since 1985!

All our Perth trainees tell us that our 1-on-1 (or your group) Excel training is the best way to learn, after having attended public group all day courses in the past. Your Excel trainer, Ivor, has been developing spreadsheets since 1982, and his knowledge is unparalleled. 

Tania writes, on 18/07/2018:

Are you a Business Owner? Are your staff using Excel correctly?

We can help you grow, and increase your staff’s productivity by showing you what can be done using the power of MS 365 to enhance your business. Learn the many ways Excel and the rest of MS 365 can streamline your business operations, maximise productivity and improve your bottom line.
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Have you ever been in a computer training class in Perth where you felt that there was not enough time to ask questions during the group training session, or that your question might be irrelevant to the rest of the trainees?
Logical Thinking
When you look for a new job do you see that most companies require you to have better than average skills in Excel and Word? If you are awarded a fantastic new job do you get into panic mode because you realise your skills are not up to scratch?

Excel Training Perth 1-on-1 or your Group at any time to suit you and/or your team.

The Microsoft Excel training from Fast Track Computer Solutions is 1-on-1 or in your company’s groups where each individual receives the training and attention that they need. Upskilling can be challenging for many so we know that there is no such thing as a silly question and we understand that not everyone learns the same way
Microsoft Excel training
Our tailored session enables us to customise our Microsoft Excel training techniques and pace and concentrate on material that is relevant to you
Computer Screen
Our Starter Excel course, at our office, covers Excel Best Practice, Text Manipulation, Navigation and all basic Formulas, at any time to suit yourself, over 3 hours. You can also use even one hour of our services to assist with Excel problems

Who is this Excel Training Course for?

Our Excel training courses are typically 1-on-1 (or your organisation’s group), and is held over 2 or 3 hours units on different days to suit your busy schedule, at our office or your office. This way, you do not lose a whole day, and you absorb the training much better than trying to do it all in one day. Some folks actually ask us to stop after 1.5 hours. They then come back when they are fresh.
From “stay-at-home-mums” who wish to re-enter the workforce, office workers who want to enhance their skills and careers, trades persons working towards promotions, as well as advanced users who want to become even more knowledgeable, our excel courses Perth can be customised to suit your level and your goals.

How Will Our Excel Courses Benefit You?

Whats included in our Training 1-on-1 or group?

Please contact us first if you are absolutely sure that you want nothing but the best Microsoft Excel Training Perth (WA)… GUARANTEED! (In fact, we will refund the course cost within the first hour, if you are not satisfied with our training).

Who is this Excel Training Course for?

Our Excel training courses are typically 1-on-1 (or your organisation’s group), and is held over 2 or 3 hours units on different days to suit your busy schedule, at our office or your office. This way, you do not lose a whole day, and you absorb the training much better than trying to do it all in one day. Some folks actually ask us to stop after 1.5 hours. They then come back when they are fresh.
From “stay-at-home-mums” who wish to re-enter the workforce, office workers who want to enhance their skills and careers, trades persons working towards promotions, as well as advanced users who want to become even more knowledgeable, our excel courses Perth can be customised to suit your level and your goals.

Some organisations we have worked with since 1985

BHP, Rio-Tinto, FMG, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac Bank, Austal Ships, Wellard Group, AngloGold, TAFE WA, Curtin University, University of WA, Alinta Energy, Trononx, Nilsen, Linfox Logistics, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Valoriza Water Australia, Mimi Browse, Barrick Gold, Goldfields, Downer EDI, Newgen Power, DW Kolagow and Associates, CSIRO, Federal and State Government, Venues West, Gemini Accident Repair Centres, Radlink, Metwest Steel, South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council, Main Roads WA, Chevron (Staff), Woodside (Staff), FLSmidth, Firesafe United Group, Montessori School, Sino Steel, Wesfarmers, Pathwest, Harry Perkins Research Institute, Successful Projects, Nemms JV, St. John’s Ambulance, Iluka Resources, Armadale Senior High School, Golder Associates, Monadelphous, Construction Training Fund, Peel Langauge Development School, Mizco, Wheelchairs for Kids, Hybrid Energy, Yandel Resources, MinSol Engineering, Parc Engineering, Supacat, and many more.

We are a Network Member in the Microsoft Partner Network

Personalised, hands-on instruction from Ivor and his team. They have assisted and coached well over 3,000 businesses and individuals since 1985. Call now on 9275-9188. We can come to your office (additional fees may apply), or you can come to ours. Each trainee receives our course notes. In addition, trainees can submit emails to us, should they require additional help to go over what was covered in the course. Also, one can re-sit our course (at no further cost), when we run a small group course. Fast Track Computer Solutions has supplied on-site (or at our training facilities) training courses to clients who prefer company and individual specific training, than scheduled public courses.

Multi-Award Small Business Winners and Finalists since 2003 to 2023.

We specialise in the following areas:

Microsoft Excel training
Small Business
Microsoft Excel training

Engineering & Mining

Microsoft Excel training
Financial Models
Microsoft Excel training
Microsoft Excel training
Microsoft Excel training
Business Operations & Scheduling
Microsoft Excel training
Project Cost Control and Administration
Microsoft Excel training
Building and Construction
Microsoft Excel training
Oil, Gas & Power Generation
Microsoft Excel training
Specialist Trade Contractors
Microsoft Excel training

Real Estate 

Microsoft Excel training
Microsoft Excel training
Microsoft Excel training
Human Resources
Microsoft Excel training
Equipment Leasing
Microsoft Excel training
Transport & Logistics
Microsoft Excel training
Government & NGO’s
Microsoft Excel training

Even if you don’t have time for our awesome Excel training courses 1-on-1 or group Perth we can still help you.

With so many years of experience we have seen it all and rarely do we get surprised by solutions, even the most complicated ones.

So… if you have the one Excel issue you can’t solve, just ask us, we do consultancy and can save you money by doing it quicker.

Consultancy can be done via email, over phone, we can use Zoom or Teams, we can come to your place, or at our training office.

Thank you for reading about our Excel training in Perth.

Happy to help, why not ask us for a quote!

Excel Beginner Course - Learn Excel Basics

Some of the Companies we have worked with since 1985

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