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Are you still doing your Estimates and Quotes by hand, or are you using an ancient DOS-based computer program?

Are you finding that your present computer systems are inadequate or only performing accounting functions?

Need a specialised Module developed to suit your organisation’s unique requirements?

Do you or your staff require additional training in the use of Windows and MS Office?


Special Versions Available For

  • Commercial/Industrial Steel Fabricators.
  • Steel Fencing Suppliers and Installers.
  • Stainless Steel Tank/Vessel Fabricators.


Features Include

  • Customisable versions to suit your organisation’s unique requirements.
  • Client and Prospect Management.
  • Steel product database includes buy and sell prices.
  • Profile set-up (for fencing).
  • Drawing No. referencing.
  • Calculates coating areas, fabrication and installation manhours, and tonnage


Developed and supported in Perth.

Uses Microsoft Office Professional as base ensuring that your investment should never become obsolete.

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Over 1000 businesses and individuals have benefited from our products and services since 1985!

Can interface with our popular Contractor’s Contract Administration System!

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