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Why pay around $2200 when you can enroll in our much more popular affordable 1-on-1 Face-to-Face or your group, flexible and tailored courses?


At our office, your office or Zoom/Teams etc., anywhere in Australia.

  Ivor, WA’s original Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project trainer, offers comprehensive Microsoft Project training in Perth and has over 50 years of Project Planning experience in Commercial and Domestic Construction, Engineering, Mining, Oil & Gas. He has worked with Primavera P6 since 2000, and has trained and helped 1000s. He is a Project Management Professional,  a Registered Building Practitioner, Member of the Australian Institute of Building (Ret), and has a Degree of Bachelor of Building Science (UCT).

Training in 3 hour units at any time to suit you or your team.


See what a Project Administrator on 16/05/2023 wrote:
“Thank you for the training you provided last week, our staff were extremely happy with the course content”.

primavera p6

See what Aaron Easthope (Construction Specialist – Supervision)
on 05/01/2024, wrote:
Ivor’s (Fast Track Computer Solutions) approach to learning has been invaluable to me. Having spent the past 20 years working hands on in the construction industry making the change from being onsite doing the work to changing roles to managing works.

Ivor’s ability to work with you 1 on 1 and giving the appropriate instruction at the right pace for my abilities to process and retain the information provided during training.

I have found Ivor’s extensive construction industry experience of great value and look i forward to more training and mentoring as I become more aware of the requirements of my new role progresses.

Ivor’s knowledge of the Microsoft suite of programs is excellent and has given me the basic understanding and confidence to use these essential tools. I have learnt to use Windows, Teams, Excel Basic and MS Project, so far.

I am looking forward to gaining more skills with these programs into the future with Ivor’s help.

The Unbelievably Fast Way to learn Primavera P6.

Ivor, your trainer, has over 50 years Project Planning experience in Commerical and Domestic Construction, Engineering, Mining, Oil & Gas. He has worked with P6 since 1990, and has trained and helped 1000s. He is one of the very few totally independant Primavera trainers in Australia. He is a Project Management Professional,  a Registered Building Practioner and a Member of the Australian Institute of Building. 

                                     Why pay about $2200 per person when we are a lot less expensive? Also we offer Great Discounts for your Group.       

Primavera P6 Training Perth & throughout Australia – Fundamentals for Project Managers and Planners

 (Phone Ivor on (08) 9275-9188 or email at, if you require Tailored Advanced Training and Support)
 (And Yes we are different to all the others. Read further to find out why).

We have no set dates, rather, we fit in with your busy schedule, in 3 hour blocks for maximum retention.

Fast Track Computer Solutions is a wholly owned Western Australian small business providing continuous Project Control and Training services, since 1985.

Most folk do not know how Critical Path Scheduling really works! Enrol in our very popular course, and we will teach you how it all operates.
(This knowledge is vital if you want to work successfully in the exciting field of Project Controls/Project Planning)

Let us show you how to claim Extension of Time, on your schedules.

This course has become one of the most sought-after P6 course in Australia.
We can train you on your actual schedules and help you set it up properly.

Primavera P6 Courses Perth – We are now The Trainer that the other trainers and professional planners come to. So come to us 1st for the Best Primavera P6 (and MS Project) Learning Experience in WA and throughout Australia!
We have trained 1000’s since 1985, in WA, NSW, NT and QLD!
Call Ivor Now on 9275 9188 for a no obligation chat to see how we can help you achieve your goals. Ivor has over 50 years expertise in Construction, Engineering, Project Management, IT Training, Software Application Development, and so much more, in South Africa, Middle East, UK and Australia.
No waiting for a class to fill! No course Cancellation due to lack of trainees!
[Due to unprecedented demand for our unique training, please book your spot as soon as you can].
Learn from us in 3 hour blocks, to suit your busy schedule. Our training covers P6 – 101 course plus more. This is far better than trying to cram too much information in a mind-numbing 6 or 8 hour course which most other training providers offer.

Primavera P6 is the most powerful tool you can use to plan and control your projects, and make your job easier. At Fast Track Computer Solutions, we offer you the opportunity to sharpen your skills from a very basic level all the way up to expert with our unique learning experience, in Perth since 1985!

So why not learn with a Project Controls Professional with over 50 years expertise in Australia and overseas? Ivor has expert skills in planning, cost control, contract administration, estimating, accounting, spreadsheet and database development, etc.

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Joe Pudia – Project Manager (Downer Engineering), on 05/10/21, writes:

I recommend Ivor for Microsoft Project Courses in Perth.

Ivor is flexible with training dates allowing training to fit into our busy work schedules.

The training was scheduled over 3 hrs training blocks which made retention of the information much better than trying to absorb everything over 1 to 2 solid days.

The training is set at the individuals learning pace, therefore allowing various portions of the course to be retrained if required.

Ivor showed us a many tips and trips which he has learnt through his project experience over a lifetime working in the Construction and Engineering industry.

Eduardo Daher – Project Planner, on 11/09/21, writes:

I started a new position as a Project Planner, and I needed training in Microsoft Project and Primavera P6.

I selected the 1-on-1 training with Ivor, and I can say that it is very useful as all the information you receive is based on real-life projects and straight to what you need to understand about the software and how they work.

The course was broken down into 3 hours block, and Ivor was very flexible with the days. I had time to process the information every day, and ask him questions the day after.

I highly recommend this course.

Garry Heard – Project and Construction Manager, on 02/06/21, writes:

I have been depending on planners and schedulers for several years not having a full understanding how the information was fed into Primavera P6.

After doing the course with Fast Track (Ivor), I now have a full understanding of Primavera and are in a position where I can either set up a schedule myself or ask the right questions back to the planner/scheduler.

Primavera P6 has many functions that can assist with preparing and running a project schedule, finding these functions can be difficult, so I would suggest Primavera training is done.

The Primavera P6 training with Fast Track Solutions was well presented in a manner that was easy to follow. Training was done in 3 hour blocks, 1 on 1 training which gave you time to digest the information and review before the next session.

Introduction to P6 – Primavera Training Perth Your Company’s Group or 1-on-1

Training: 12 Hours – 4 x 3 hour units over 4 different days. What you will learn:
This course leads participants through the entire project life cycle, from planning to execution. Topics include adding activities, assigning resources, and creating a baseline. Participants also gain a thorough background in the concepts of planning and scheduling. This course uses P6 Professional Project Management (PPM), Primavera’s Windows-based, client/server application.

Learn To

  • Schedule a project
  • Assign resources
  • Adjust the project schedule
  • Execute and control the project
  • Create a project
  • Add activities
  • Knowledge of project management principles. Working knowledge of MS Project.

Course Objectives

  • Understand data structures
  • Create a project
  • Create a Work Breakdown Structure
  • Add activities
  • View calendars
  • Create relationships
  • Schedule the project
  • Assign constraints
  • Format schedule data
  • Define roles and resources
  • Assign roles
  • Assign resources
  • Analyze resources
  • Optimize the project plan
  • Execute the project
  • Create reports

Formatting Schedule Data

  • Grouping Activities
  • Sorting
  • Filtering

Roles and Resources

  • Describing Roles and Resources

Assigning Roles

  • Assigning Roles to an Activity
  • Assign Rates on Roles

Course Topics

  • Understanding Critical Path Planning (This is essential for beginners)
  • Learn about this project management technique
  • Generate your own Network/Logic Diagram
  • Explore Forward and Backward Pass

Understanding P6 Data

  • Describing Enterprise and Project-Specific data
  • Logging In
  • Opening an Existing Project
  • Opening and Customizing Layouts
  • Enterprise Project StructureDescribing Components of EPS

Creating a Project

  • Create a project
  • Navigating in the Projects Window
  • Viewing Project Details

Creating a Work Breakdown Structure

  • Defining a Work Breakdown Structure
  • Creating the WBS Hierarchy

Assigning Resources

  • Assigning Resources
  • Adjusting Budgeted Units/Time

Optimizing the Project Plan

  • Analyzing Schedule Dates
  • Shortening a Project Schedule
  • Analyzing Resource Availability

Baselining the Project Plan

  • Creating a Baseline Plan
  • Display Baseline Bars on the Gantt Chart

Adding Activities

  • Describing an Activity and its Components
  • Describing Activity Types
  • Adding Activities
  • Adding a Notebook Topic
  • Adding Steps to an Activity
  • Assigning Activity Codes

Creating Relationships

  • Viewing a Network Logic Diagram
  • Relationship Types
  • Creating Relationships


  • Performing a Forward and Backward Pass (covered at beginning)
  • Describing Float (covered at beginning)

Assigning Constraints

  • Applying an Overall Deadline to a Project
  • Apply a Constraint to an Activity

Using Reflection Projects

  • Creating a Reflection Project
  • Merging Changes

Project Execution and Control

  • Describing Methods for Updating the Schedule
  • Statusing Activities
  • Rescheduling the Project

Reporting Performance

  • Describing Reporting Methods
  • Running a Schedule Report
  • Creating a report with the Report Wizard

Shannon – Schedule Control Office, on 12/08/20 from Rio Tinto, Gove, Northern Territory, writes:

I have just finished my P6 Training with Ivor 1 on 1 through Zoom. Ivor broke the 12 hrs course up 4 x 3hr sessions.  This worked great, I wasn’t so overwhelmed, it was good to recap on the previous training session.  Ivor was very patient with me as I am a big note taker. I have never used this program before but straight after the training I could create Projects and Calendars. Big WIN for me. Thanks heaps Ivor

Steve Ager (Draftsperson) on 20/02/2019, writes:

“After struggling trying to self-learn Primavera, I enrolled in the Primavera course with Fast Track.
After sitting with Ivor for 4 sessions, I can honestly say, I have a much better understanding of the software.
Ivor knows the software thoroughly, and could answer the questions I had, accurately.
Sitting one-on-one with a professional as well as the course manual, was money & time well spent.”

Jimena Taracena, Architect – Project Manager, on 30/01/20, writes:

Thank you Ivor at Fast Track Computer Solutions for the Project and P6 Primavera training.

Was exactly what I was looking for, someone with experience on the field to explain not only how the program works but how you apply this properly in real life.

Was very well understood as is not only explained through the interaction of videos, lectures and explanation of the software but also making me do an exercise of the program help a lot.

Never thought saying this, but doing mistakes was the best thing as you questioned where I was wrong and I had to understand how to solve it with your guidance.

The training units time was perfect! Enough time in each unit to understand and absorbed the information avoiding loosing focus of the process. Discussions of real projects and a quick explanation of the history of the programs makes it more interesting.

This is the best learning process.

Alan Hill (Construction Manager – Monadelphous) on 03/06/2019, writes:

I have completed the Primavera P6 Course

I found that by breaking the course up into 4 sessions to be a great advantage to enable better retention and with a one on one approach this was the best way for me to focus on the tasks.

Ivor conducted the course at my pace that enabled better retention of the subjects as we covered them. Primavera is a very complex course, with a huge suite of features that require continued use to get the full advantage of the program.

All notes were provided to assist in future use of P6.

Adrian Di Labio (Foreman – SCEE) on 12/12/2019, writes:

Ivor has a sound understanding of planning principals and project management/construction.

This assisted with the training as he was able to tailor examples and scenarios to my particular line of work. 
He covered a lot of core features of the P6 program and was able to demonstrate some of it’s shortfalls and tricks to make the program work for me.
The training was broken up into 3 hour units over multiple days that allowed for better retention and time to review notes on the previous lessons.

Caroline Tseu (Administrator/Scheduler) on 28/11/2018, writes:

“I have the absolute pleasure of being in Ivor’s P6 class learning not only how to use P6 but also learn the ivor’s vast experience that spanned over 48 yrs in project planning. The one on one experience had made it easier for Q and A time. The 12 hrs course that spread over 4 days had given me ample time to learn and absorb the materials nicely.
Overall, I would recommend signing up to any courses Fast Track Computer Solutions offers”.


Work Experience

Organisations we have worked with, since 1985, include the following:

BHP, Rio-Tinto, FMG, Atlas Iron, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac Bank, Austal Ships, Wellard Group, AngloGold, TAFE WA, Curtin University, University of WA, Alinta Energy, Trononx, Nilsen, Linfox Logistics, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Valoriza Water Australia, Ozlands Drilling, Enscope Engineers, Mimi Browse, Transocean, Wild Geese International, Barrick Gold, Goldfields, Downer EDI, Newgen Power, DW Kolagow and Associates, CSIRO, Japan Australia LNG, Federal and State Government, Doray Minerals, Radlink, Builders Steel, Chevron staff, Woodside staff, Successful Projects, Enermech, CSBP-Wesfarmers, Mainswest, Parc Engineering, MinSol Engineering, Supacat, WesTrac, WestGold, Sands Fridge Lines, Yandal Resources, BP, Colgan Industries, Defence, and many more.

Are you looking for a Professional Planner with over 50 years International and WA construction and engineering experience, to help your organisation and staff on an “as and when” required basis. Can assist with both P6 and MS Project, as well as Cost Control Engineering and expert in Primavera Training Perth.

At Fast Track Computer Solutions, we offer a 12 Hour (Introduction to Intermediate) Primavera training course (4 x 3 Hour Units) over 4 days to suit you and your staff. As Primavera is very complex, enrol to learn the basics first, then later we can help with more advanced issues, as required.

To avoid disappointment, book now to secure your place in our Primavera P6 training course. Limited training slots fill up very quickly. We always have a waiting list!

We also highly recommend that if you have not used MS Project much, or have never been trained to use MS Project, then you do our 9 hour MS Project Course first. Then you do another 9 hours in Primavera P6. As Primavera is so complex, we do not train the program in 8 hours per day units. This is why we spread the training over 4 different days.

Your trainer, Ivor, is a trained Quantity Surveyor, Registered Building Practitioner, Member of the Australian Institute of Building, and Professional Planning and Cost Control Engineer with over 50 years WA, NSW and International experience on many type of projects including Buildings, Residential, Mining, Engineering, Industrial, Petro-Chemicals, Civils, Desalinisation, etc.

What is Primavera P6?

Projects and programs are becoming increasingly complex. Economic uncertainty is putting a new level of pressure on teams and programs to execute well. Businesses are struggling to react quickly to fluctuating markets and changing business demands. Executives are demanding more project visibility. Distributed teams require around­ the-clock collaboration and coordination, as well as the ability to successfully navigate change throughout the project lifecycle. Today’s project and program managers need tools that deliver the necessary project insight to maintain project schedule and budget commitments. And they need the ability to integrate project and program resources with other departments and at other locations to ensure project success.

Oracle’s Primavera enterprise project portfolio management solutions enable project- driven organizations to intelligently manage their programs and projects—from small and simple to large and complex.

Primavera solutions help you evaluate the risks and rewards associated with projects and programs. You get the project manage­ment, collaboration, and control capabilities you need to manage change and success­ fully deliver projects on time, within budget, and with the intended quality and design. Plus, you can interoperate with ease—across the enterprise—with Primavera’s flexible integration capabilities.

Note 1: It is recommended that if you have not used Primavera or MS Project before, you should attend our extremely popular 9 hour MS Project course.

Call Ivor on (08) 9275-9188 or email

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