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MS Project Training

Project Planning Excellence: Master Microsoft Project for your Success! Enroll in our popular, amazing and flexible Training Course for your Company Group or 1-on-1 Face-to-Face and/or via Zoom/Teams etc., anywhere in Australia.

 Ivor, is WA’s original Microsoft Project (and Primavera P6) trainer, and has over 50 years Project Planning experience in Commerical and Domestic Construction, Engineering, Mining, Oil & Gas. He has worked with MS Project since 1990, and has trained and helped 1000s. He is a Project Management Professional, a Registered Building Practitioner, a Member of the Australian Institute of Building (Ret), and has a Degree of Bachelor of Building Science (UCT).

 Training in 3 hour units at any time to suit you or your team.


See what a Project Administrator on 16/05/2023 wrote:
“Thank you for the training you provided last week, our staff were extremely happy with the course content”.

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See what Aaron Easthope (Construction Specialist – Supervision), on 05/01/2024, wrote:

Ivor’s (Fast Track Computer Solutions) approach to learning has been invaluable to me. Having spent the past 20 years working hands on in the construction industry making the change from being onsite doing the work to changing roles to managing works.

Ivor’s ability to work with you 1 on 1 and giving the appropriate instruction at the right pace for my abilities to process and retain the information provided during training.

I have found Ivor’s extensive construction industry experience of great value and look i forward to more training and mentoring as I become more aware of the requirements of my new role progresses.

Ivor’s knowledge of the Microsoft suite of programs is excellent and has given me the basic understanding and confidence to use these essential tools. I have learnt to use Windows, Teams, Excel Basic and MS Project, so far.
I am looking forward to gaining more skills with these programs into the future with Ivor’s help. 

Learn with Australia’s most Senior MS Project Trainer. 1000’s Trained since 1985.

We have no set dates, rather, we fit in with your busy schedule, in 3 hour blocks for maximum retention.

(And Yes we are different to all the others. Read further to find out why).

Fast Track Computer Solutions is a wholly owned Western Australian small business providing continuous MS Office services, since 1985.

This course has become one of the most sought-after MS project training Perth.
We can train you on your actual schedules and help you set it up properly.

Most folk do not know how Critical Path Scheduling really works! Enrol in our very popular course (since 1985), and we will teach you how it all operates.
(This knowledge is vital if you want to work successfully in the exciting field of Project Controls/Project Planning)

Greg Ferguson, Operations Manager, on 31/03/23, wrote:

“I came to Fast Track Computer Solutions to learn how to incorporate Microsoft Project into my day to day work. The one-on-one training was in depth and showed me processes I would not have learnt otherwise. Ivor has extensive knowledge in Microsoft Project as well as other programs, and I look forward to coming back for my next training course”.

Let us show you how to claim Extension of Time, on your schedules.

We are now THE Trainer that the other trainers and professional planners come to. We have trained 1000’s since 1985, in WA, NSW, NT and QLD!

So come to us First for the Best MS Project (and Primavera P6) Learning Experience in Australia!

See how we can help you to reach your goals. Ivor has over 50 years expertise in Construction, Engineering, Project Management, IT Training, Software Application Development, and much more in South Africa, Middle East, UK and Australia.

No waiting for a class to fill! No course Cancellation due to lack of trainees! Training consists of 9 hours in 3 x 3 hour blocks, over 3 days.

Learn with us at times to suit your busy schedule, and/or FIFO Rosters. This is far better than trying to cram too much information in a mind-numbing 6 or 8 hour course (on one day) which most other training providers offer.

Microsoft Project Training Courses Perth

Nathan Lucken – Construction Manager, on 21/11/20, writes:

Required a more hands on technical understanding of MS Project transitioning from Construction Management to Project Management.

Ivor’s training was flexible with my fulltime working commitments and enabled training outside of my usual business hours which was crucial. Conducting the course within 3 x 3 hour sections enabled me to be able to transfer the knowledge gained each week into my working week and follow up the next class, resulting in a great learning environment and technique.

Ivor has a wealth of knowledge from actual industry experience and a very relaxed one on one approach ensures a satisfactory outcome.

I completed the course with a great base understanding of building and maintaining a project timeline and reporting techniques for tracking project progress.

Bernard Lim, Architect – Project Manager, on 09/10/20, writes:

 “The MS Project course with Ivor, was split in three sessions and this was a good structure to help retain the learning. 
The one-on-one setting ensures focus on each learning item with plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

 This course teaches best practice methodolgy to set up the schuedule and the rules to abide by when updating weekly progress.
This ensures the schedule will track the project development accurately and enable meaningful planning and reporting of progress.

 Another key outcome was the understanding of cashflow and how to represent it within the program as well as establishing the project S-Curve in MS Excel”.

Jimena Taracena, Architect – Project Manager, on 30/01/20, writes:

 Thank you Ivor at Fast Track Computer Solutions for the Project and P6 Primavera training.

Was exactly what I was looking for, someone with experience on the field to explain not only how the program works but how you apply this properly in real life.

Was very well understood as is not only explained through the interaction of videos, lectures and explanation of the software but also making me do an exercise of the program help a lot.

Never thought saying this, but doing mistakes was the best thing as you questioned where I was wrong and I had to understand how to solve it with your guidance.

The training units time was perfect! Enough time in each unit to understand and absorbed the information avoiding loosing focus of the process. Discussions of real projects and a quick explanation of the history of the programs makes it more interesting.

This is the best learning process.

Leo Nguyen, Graduate Project Engineer, McMahon Services Australia, on 05/04/18, writes:

“Friendly, confident presentation by Ivor, cut to the heart of the matter quickly.  Happy with the balance, which was tailored to my specific situations, knowledge and skillsets.

The whole training were just great! I found it all to be just right.  The course was designed for 3 hour length of each session which help me to retain information and practice accordingly when I am back at work.

I am more confident in the way I would practice the application of Microsoft Project and Primavera P6 after this course. In general the course was great and you were kept involved.”

Bradley Parker, Senior Planning Supervisor, Woodside Energy Ltd, on 24/07/19, writes:

“Completed the MS Project training with Ivor. Started from the basics including developing a project plan by hand, with his instruction helped to understand the foundation of planning. From this understanding, was able to navigate and learn MS Project software, identify the shortfalls and how to work around to achieve the desired objective.
Thanks again.”

Karina Tedesco, Principal Environmental Advisor, Iluka Resourses, on 18/04/19, writes:

“Thanks so much for training us in MS Project and scheduling concepts. I was able to immediately see flaws in schedules I’ve been updating and feel much more confident to undertake upcoming scheduling tasks.”

At Fast Track Computer Solutions, we deliver MS Project 1-on-1 or your company’s group Training that’s aimed to help you and your team to solve real-world problems, not textbook ones.

With our 1-on-1 or your Group customisable & flexible training-consulting courses at our office, your office and anywhere in Perth CBD, book our “amazing” 9 hours MS Project Course by WA’s original Project Trainer. We teach all the important features that many other trainers leave out, and don’t confuse you with features you may never use!

 Unlike some other Project training courses offered, where trainers use a textbook as a guide, we ensure that you will get the most out of MS Project by applying it to your particular projects. Your trainer, Ivor, is a trained Quantity Surveyor, Registered Building Practitioner, and Professional Planning and Cost Control Engineer with over 50 years WA and International experience on many type of projects including Buildings, Residential, Mining, Engineering, Industrial, Petro-Chemicals, Civil, Infrastructure, De-Salinisation, Air-Con Re-Fit, etc.

Ivor has overseen Microsoft Project training for Perth and WA’s largest organisations who come back time and time again to ensure that their staff are upskilled properly, to a high standard, the first time around.


I am currently working as a HSE Advisor, however I have previously worked as a construction manager, project manager and I am completely amazed at the lack of understanding of project management that exists out there in the workplace. I came across Ivor’s website as I thought that I needed upskilling in Microsoft Project if I wanted to get back into construction management and I have been absolutely amazed at just how much I didn’t know about this software. Ivor’s teaching approach is very refreshing and makes learning the elements of Microsoft Project very easy.

Ken Jecks

HSE Adviser

I had the pleasure of attending an Excel intermediate Training session with Ivor Kosowitz. His knowledge on Excel is by far the best I have come across in over 30 years in the Mining & Oil & Gas industries. He has the patience and the skills to enable you to better your on skills. The one on one training broken into small blocks on different days is by far the best solution for any candidate. I would recommend Ivor to anyone seeking to improve their Excel skills.

Bernard Sweeny

Senior Project Controls, Impex Darwin

As an experienced civil engineer with many years in the industry, I identified that my planning skills were lacking. Both to produce a working programme and to have the ability to explain how the programme reacts to change. After taking the courses in Microsoft Project and Primavera P6, I can now identify the correct procedures to rake to produce a working accurate programme. This in turn, allows me to show progress to colleagues. The courses were split into manageable time blocks which gave better retention of the subject matter. I am now confident that I can identify areas that may not be correct within these software packages the time consuming limitations that they present. In closing, there is no way that these software packages can be self taught. Many thanks Ivor, and I look forward to the advanced excel course.

Andrew Regan

Andrew Regan

I had a requirement to learn MS Project as this was the preferred reporting tool as specified by the client. Having had no previous Projects experience, I attended a course in the CBD, which was very informing and contained a lot of information. When I went to apply this learning to an actual project, I had trouble transferring what I had learnt into practise. I had learnt 90% of what I needed to know but struggled to understand where I was going wrong and couldn’t convert this into something that worked. I came across Ivor via the internet and advised him that I had already attended another course and was sceptical about attending another in case I found myself in the same situation. He stated that his style of teachings was different, starting with a focus on understanding the basic logic required to build a program. Ivor’s method of training over 3 sessions and using a pencil and paper has resonated well for me and I’m pleased to say that I now have a level of confidence using Project that I didn’t previously. I’d be happy to act as a reference for anyone who is like me and a bit old school with regards to using computer programs.

Jason McInnes

Operations Manager, Progress Rail

I contacted Ivor to conduct 3 x 3 hr, one-on-one training sessions relating to how MS Project can work with the Maximo maintenance management system plus ancillary XL based inputs. At the start of the course, I was unable to build an operational MS Project Template to accommodate all my requirements. Just following the internet based tutorials was no substitute for sitting with an expert and asking specific questions about the precise set up I required. After two sessions I was able to build a robust template and this meant that in the third and final session we were able to get down to the nitty gritty of the project. Ivor was invaluable to me and I don’t hesitate in recommending him to anyone seeking a thorough understanding of what MS Project can (and can’t) do for you.

Mick Lampard

Maintenance Planner

I recently completed the Microsoft Project course with Ivor from Fast Track Computer Solutions. I had previously completed Microsoft Project in 2014 at another major national training institute, however found the course too regimented and serviced from a text book with the lectures opting for a click here, click there and move on approach. I discovered Fast Track whilst searching the internet for a more one on one base learning approach. Working with Ivor over 3 days was far better than anything I completed previously. His approach is learning the why and how things happen giving you the understanding and the ability to know how to correct issues as you see them arise. The pace of the classes is based on your ability to take in information prior to moving on too quickly, learn it and know it, rather than see it done, and move forward. I recommend using the services of Fast Track Computer Solutions for your Microsoft Project training, as Ivor’s knowledge of the program and its faults/uses, is exceptional. Thanks Ivor.

Rick Lambly

Construction Manager

The MS Project 1-on-1 or small group training covers all essential areas of Microsoft Project including

1st Unit

  • Covers intro to pert charts, logic network diagrams and critical path calculation.
  • Learn about Ivor’s Rules, as well as Task Types and Lag. Includes a Manual exercise.
  • Setting up a project in MS Project from above with Milestones, Predecessors and Successors.

2nd Unit

  • Set up calendars and working time.
  • Set up timescales.
  • Explain the Worksheet View, and Add new fields.
  • Insert Total Slack.
  • Add Task Notes.
  • Insert a Text Frame and Pictures.
  • Show how to print Barchart and scaling.
  • View and Print the Network Diagram.
  • Add Text Fields.
  • Use Simple and Custom Filters.
  • Pre-Defined Filters.
  • Summary Tasks, Rollups and Work breakdown structures.
  • Revision – Generate another network diagram and set up in Project.
  • Use new program as a Sub-Project.
  • Show how this technique is used to consolidate multiple schedules.

3rd Unit

  • Discussion on the use of Constraints.
  • Setup a Baseline.
  • Progress Reporting and best way to workout % Complete.
  • Issues in MS Project when reporting progress.
  • Split a Task.
  • Resource Allocation.
  • Resource Levelling.
  • Cost Tracking
  • Reporting and customising reports.

Microsoft Project Training Courses: 2021 - 2019 - 2016

Our preferred and proven method of training, is to train in 3 hour units on different days. This allows the trainees to do homework, and when the next unit resumes, we are able to address any issues arising from the previous unit. In addition, we have found that a unit of more than 3 hours in any one day, is not productive as one’s attention span reduces dramatically as the day wears on.

Our course is totally different to the other courses. You will understand the concepts very quickly. We do not confuse you with the really difficult features until you master all the other features first. We also explain the inherent “problems” with MS Project and show you how to work around them. For example, MS Project has a built in “time machine”! We will show this to you when we see you.

Microsoft Project

Project Courses

Major organisations we have worked with, since 1985, include the following

BHP, Rio-Tinto, FMG, Atlas Iron, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac Bank, Austal Ships, Wellard Group, AngloGold, TAFE WA, Curtin University, University of WA, Alinta Energy, Trononx, Nilsen, Linfox Logistics, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Valoriza Water Australia, Ozlands Drilling, Enscope Engineers, Mimi Browse, Halliburton Consulting, Transocean, Wild Geese International, Goldfields, Downer EDI, Newgen Power, DW Kolagow and Associates, CSIRO, Broad Construction, Federal and State Government, Japan Australia LNG, Fluor Australia, Subsea International, Doray Minerals, Builders Steel, Radlink, Chevron staff, Woodside staff, Enermech, CSBP Wesfarmers, Dept. of Defence, Golder and Associates, UON, Newmont Gold Group, WesTrac, Supacat, Yandal Resources, Sand Fridge Lines, WestGold, BP, Colgan Industries, and many more.

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