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MS Outlook Training Courses Perth and anywhere in Australia – Group or 1-on-1 via Teams/Zoom, or Face-to-Face.

(2 to 2.5 Hour course cost is $235.00 including GST)

Tax relief on training (2022):

All Australian small businesses with a turnover less than $50 million will be entitled to claim 120% of their training expenses subject to a maximum of $100,000.

This means that for every $100 spent on training, businesses are entitled to claim $120.

We have no set dates, rather, we fit in with your busy schedule, in 2 hour blocks for maximum retention.

(And Yes we are different to all the others. Read further to find out why).

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Emma Lee – Office Administrator, writes on 04/08/21:

I have recently finished my Basic Excel, Word and Outlook course with Ivor.

I needed a refresh before entering back into Administration. I learnt so much and I am really looking forward to putting everything into practice.

Ivor’s one-on-one training is amazing. I did my Excel training in Perth over 3 days, Word and Outlook over 2 days. I found this to be so much more beneficial than a one day course as I could really soak up all the information I was being taught. Ivor was great and worked at a pace I could really keep up with.

I walked away from my training each day feeling really confident with my newly learnt skills. I applied for a job while I was in training with Ivor and I was able to secure this new role. I am thrilled!!!

I could not recommend Fast Track Computer Solutions enough! I will be back to do my Advanced Excel with him in the coming Months and look at all other courses I have not done with him to keep upskilling.

Thank you so much Ivor for sharing your incredible knowledge.

Julia Jones (Medical Receptionist) on 24/07/2019, writes:

“My name is Julie Jones and for the past eight years have been working as a Medical Receptionist in a GP Practice where I did not have to use Word and Outlook was very limited. 

I have started a new job as a Receptionist for a Psychologist and have to use Word and Outlook all day and every day.  Initially I was terrified of it all and thought that I had picked the wrong job!  However my boss, the Practice Owner saw my potential and offered to pay for two hour one on one sessions with Ivor.

I cannot recommend Ivor highly enough.  I have absorbed so much in the two hour sessions and Ivor explained everything in very simple terms which is what I needed!

I have also completed the Word course two and am going to book in for the course in Excel, all of which will be used in my new job.

I am now very confident and realise that I have picked the right job, it was my fear of using Word and Outlook that was holding me back.

I would recommend the one on one sessions as I have learned more in the two hour sessions than I would in a whole day course.

No question was too silly!”

Leigh Gardner – Director, on 25/02/2021, writes:

 “Thanks for the reference (for MS Outlook training), you came with glowing reports so there’s some feedback for you!”

Eanna Mannion (Human Resources) on 24/04/2019, writes:

 “Outlook Training was made easy by Ivor. All done in two hours. I feel confident that I can use Outlook effectively after one-on-one training.
Highly recommended.”

Mitch Abel (Underground Miner) on 30/08/2018, writes:

“I am currently here in Perth doing MS Office computer course with Fast Track Computer Solutions.
Working with Ivor on looking at Microsoft Word and Outlook. The session has been very rewarding as I have seen some good short cuts.
On looking through changing a career path, I found Ivor to be very good with the 1-on-1 personal training, from which I may be able to work toward a career of safety and training.
Thank you for your patience in trying to teach an old dog new tricks.”

Kiara Powell on 07/06/2018, writes:

“I have completed courses in Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook. I wanted to do this as I’m looking into a career change that involves more computer work.
It has been fantastic doing one-on-one training with Ivor, and I feel I have learnt a great deal, as the training is done in two hour intervals over different days. I don’t belive I would have gained as much knowledge if I were in a group environment.”

See more Testimonials, below:

MS Word Training Perth

One-on-One or your company’s group training-consulting at our office, your office and in Perth CBD. Multi-Award winners and finalists since 2003. Fast Track Computer Solutions is a Network Member in the Microsoft Partner Network.

Our courses are particularly favoured by “stay-at-home” mums who wish to return to the workforce, trades people who wish to progress to an administration role, business owners who wish to learn to run their businesses better, workers wanting to advance up the career path, etc. Read our testimonials to see what our attendees say.

Please contact us first, if you are absolutely sure that you want nothing but the best Microsoft Outlook Training in Perth (WA) …… GUARANTEED! Thousands trained since 1985. Ivor is an Accredited Trainer. Additionally, we offer Microsoft Project courses in Perth.

Many organisations we have worked with, since 1985, include the following:

BHP, Rio-Tinto, FMG, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac Bank, Austal Ships, Wellard Group, AngloGold, TAFE WA, Curtin University, University of WA, Alinta Energy, Trononx, Nilsen, Linfox Logistics, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Valoriza Water Australia, Ozlands Drilling, Enscope Engineers, Mimi Browse, Transocean, Wild Geese International, Barrick Gold, Downer EDI, Newgen Power, DW Kolagow and Associates, CSIRO, Linfox Logistics, CSBP – Wesfarmers, Enermech, Metwest Steel, Federal and State Government, Golder Associates, Monadelphouis, Santos, St. Johns Ambulance, Armadale Senior High School, Peel Language School, Construction Training Fund, Wheelchairs for Kids, Mizco, Aldi, Supacat, Hybrid, Parc Engineering, MinSol, and many more.

Excel Courses Perth

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Most people don’t use Microsoft Outlook to its full extent. We can train you to be a whiz at Outlook in either  2016, 2019 and 2021.

We will tailor the Microsoft Outlook training to your “exact needs” regardless of your staff skill sets we can strengthen them.

(We also provide specialised advanced Microsoft Outlook training and support covering any specific Outlook-CRM requirements).

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I enjoyed my one-on-one with Ivor, thorough overview of Microsoft Outlook, attention to details and pace that suited my learning style. Thank you Ivor!

Tina Ward

Port Hedland Administrator, Speno Rail Maintenance Australia Pty Ltd

I’m a mechanical drill fitter by trade, and am working on a mine site in a planning role. I felt my skills in Microsoft Outlook were lacking and came to Ivor to do 3 hour one on one course. We covered emailing, calendars, contacts, and tasks. Ivor’s training was really helpful and I highly recommend him.

Markus Botha

I have recently taken on a new position as a Director of an Early Learning Centre. I found myself stumbling through the software packages of Outlook, Excel and Powerpoint, as when I went to school we didn’t use computers. So I enrolled in a one day course in the city to try and upskill my knowledge. After taking the whole day off work and going into the city for the course I realise that I didn’t really learn much as I find it all overwhelming with the group setting and too much to take it at one time. I find Ivor on the internet and thought that maybe one on one would be better. I started with a Powerpoint course and it was excellent I was able to go at my pace and ask questions as I thought of them and not worry about holding anyone else up. I have since done an Outlook course with Ivor and will definitely be coming back to do training in Excel very soon. I would highly recommend Ivor to anyone and wish I hadn’t spent all that time and money with another company.

Claire Stannard

Director, Early Learning Centre

I would just like to give some feedback on my one on one training with Ivor Kosowitz at Fast track Computer Solutions. I’m currently working as a Forklift Driver/Labourer and have been offered a full time role within the company I work for as Sales Assistant. I was then referred to Ivor for some training in Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook. As I have very limited knowledge with using Computers I have found this training to be very helpful and interesting. I would definitely recommend Fast Track to anybody who is looking at doing training in excel word or outlook. And as it is one on one training I have found it to be a lot easier to learn rather than sitting in a classroom with twenty other people.

Conrad Ashwell
Fast Track Computer Solutions