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Pre-Tender Software

Is Tendering Becoming Too Costly and Inefficient?

Today, you are probably spending more time and money on Tendering/Bidding than ever before, to get that next project.

Are you always…

  • Rushing to get the documents to your invited Sub-Contractors?
  • And then, rushing to send them the latest drawing revisions which landed in your office the next day?
  • Trying to remember who you invited in the first place’?
  • Waiting on tenderhooks to see which Sub-Contractor will give you a price in enough time so that finalise your Bid?

If this is familiar, then Fast Track Computer Solutions has the answer to help you and your organisation streamline all these operations. We have now developed a “Pre-Tender Tracking” Software Application to supplement its wide range of popular Builders’ and Contractors’ PC solutions. The system is developed in MS Office Professional and thus is updateable with all future versions of this product.

You Can Now…

  • Track all Tenders (and get a history by date range and/or client etc).
  • Statistical data will show you how you are fairing against your competitors.
  • Log all documents and drawings (and drawing revisions) per tender.
  • Record which Sub-Contractors have been invited to tender on which Tenders.
  • Generate Form Letters/Faxes automatically to Sub-Contractors. listing attached documents and drawings.
  • Track which Sub-Contractors have/have not sent in their prices.
  • Generate Reminder Memos.
  • System is customisable to suit your own unique requirements.


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