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How to learn Microsoft Office 365 with us

  • Gaining new skills
  • Impressing your boss
  • Speeding up your operations at work
  • As a business owner, do you want to have more efficient systems
  • Offering more value for your company

If you answered YES to any of the above, you will definitely benefit from taking our Microsoft 365 training courses.

Who Are We

Fast Track Computer Solutions has been offering Microsoft Office 365 training, support and business solutions since 1985. Our Microsoft 365 training courses are specially designed to help you build your skills and master its features. Start your journey towards Microsoft 365 by signing up for our classes today!

Our very popular courses include:

  • Excel Basic = 6 Hours in 2 or 3 Hour units
  • Word = 4 Hours in 2 x 2 Hour units
  • Outlook = 2 Hour unit
  • Also teach Powepoint, Access and Project

How We Differ from the Other Microsoft 365 Training Providers

At Fast Track Computer Solutions we have applied our four decades of experience to tailor Microsoft 365 training courses specifically for people with different needs.

We don’t offer generic public courses that other MS Office training academies use. Instead, we have created our own private courses that offer maximum value for trainees seeking to become proficient with Microsoft 365.

Our approach has never been to overload trainees with lessons or information. Instead we have broken up each course module into 2 or 3 hour units. This strategy ensures you learn important Microsoft 365 features and functions at a pace that allows you to retain knowledge.

By contrast, other training academies often overload trainees with too much information at once. People who sign up for such courses end up forgetting a significant portion of what they have learned, and therefore lose out despite having paid hundreds of dollars for the lesson.

Many other training academies that offer live training also don’t offer the schedule flexibility we provide. We understand how busy people’s lives can be and strive to adapt our teaching schedule to fit around their other commitments. For example, we offer lessons on Saturday mornings specifically for people who can’t attend lessons on weekdays. Our Microsoft Office training in Perth is designed to accommodate various schedules, ensuring everyone can enhance their skills at a convenient time.

We also understand the frustrations people experience when they sign up for online training that doesn’t suit their preferred learning style. For this reason, we offer trainees the option of learning in a group setting or in 1-on-1 face-to-face lessons. This ensures you always have the option of choosing a setting that suits your learning style.

Who Can Benefit from Our Training Courses?

Our training courses are  Microsoft 365 fit for many types of groups and individuals. This includes:

Corporate Employees

Our Microsoft 365 courses help corporate employees get up-to-speed with vital spreadsheet skills that add value to their company. In-depth knowledge of Microsoft 365 helps employees work faster, become more organized, and increase their productivity

Stay-At-Home Moms

Stay-at-home moms won’t need to halt their career or skill development when they sign up for our Microsoft 365 courses. We can help you identify the key Microsoft 365 skills you will need to jump back into your career. You can expect to make huge strides once you’re equipped with the Microsoft 365 knowledge our experts provide in our handy courses. Many have found jobs while training with us.

Rookie Microsoft 365 Users

We also offer advanced Microsoft 365 training for rookie users who want to expand their knowledge and master some of the spreadsheet software’s more advanced features. Our expert has over four decades of experience with spreadsheets and is always up-to-speed with the software’s latest advanced developments. Rookie users can get ahead of the curve by advancing their Microsoft 365 knowledge with our training courses.

Flexible and In-Depth Courses Broken Up Into Bite-Sized Chunks

We have optimized our courses and delivery methods in many ways to ensure you get the most value with the least amount of effort. Some of the reasons our Microsoft 365 training courses are the best in Perth include:

Our Training Settings

We offer private group training for people who prefer learning in a small group setting. If you sign up for your group training, you will get to learn Microsoft 365 and apply yourself alongside your team who also seek to become more Microsoft 365 proficient.

We also offer 1-on-1 training for those who perform best with individualized attention under our Microsoft 365 expert. Your teacher, Ivor has been creating spreadsheets since 1982 and will be glad to guide you through different Microsoft 365 features, run through examples, and teach you the shortcuts to becoming an Microsoft 365 whiz!

Our Flexible Teaching Style

Whether you choose our group lessons or 1-on-1 training, you can be sure you will receive very affordable private lessons from our expert. We respect your learning pace and tailor our lessons to fit your needs.

Our private courses are designed to fit different types of learners. This is in contrast to generic public courses that use a one-size-fits-all learning approach. At Fast Track Computer Solutions, we value all types of learners and offer them Microsoft 365 lessons that fit their learning style.

Learn Valuable Skills in Bite-Sized Chunks

Each of our lessons is 2 to 3 hours in length. We designed our courses in this manner to make lessons more accessible for professionals with busy schedules.

Our four decades of experience has also taught us that trainees retain the most information when it is presented in 2 to 3 hour-long lessons rather than day-long courses. We offer lessons on weekdays as well as Saturdays to allow you hone your Microsoft 365 skills whenever you can.

What Our Courses Include:

We have adapted our courses to cover a wide range of versions, features, and skills. This includes:

  • All Versions of MS Microsoft 365 since 2010
  • Beginner to Advanced Training Levels
  • Custom Microsoft 365 Template and Database Creation
  • Spreadsheet Programming
  • Expert Problem Solving
  • Advanced Excel Functions including Pivot Tables, Vlookups, Macros, Power Query, and more

Why Choose Fast Track Computer Solutions’ Microsoft 365 Training Courses?

We offer some of the best Microsoft 365 training courses Perth has to offer. Our courses were designed by an Microsoft 365 expert who has been working with spreadsheets since 1982.

We understand the importance of providing flexible courses that can be tailored to fit your exact needs. This is why we allow you to pick and choose the exact modules you wish to learn and set your preferred lesson times.

Start your journey towards Microsoft 365 with Fast Track Computer Solutions’ Microsoft 365 training courses.
Please contact us today to get started.

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