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Document-Drawing Control Software Customisable to Your Requirements

  • Do you have a Document Control system that is manual and/or administered?
  • Differently by different project managers around your office?
  • Are you being pressured to tighten up on these procedures for Quality Assurance purposes?
  • Do you have a situation where drawing revisions do not get to the correct destination?
  • Would a system that resolves these issues be of benefit to you?


Here is a computer based tool that will turn that task into a simple administrative process. It is a multi-project system that will allow the complete and efficient tracking of the flow of drawings through your office, from source, through to eventual recipient. Keep track of revisions and ensure that they are passed on to the correct contractors and consultants.

A simple, easy to use set of screens takes you through this exercise in a painless fashion, providing you with a comprehensive set of reports and support documentation that will also assist in your internal management processes.

A complete drawing list is maintained for each project, linking sources to recipient disciplines. A complete database of the companies that you deal with is kept in an “address book” that could provide the platform for other administrative tasks.


Some of the benefits of this system are:

  • keep a tight control document flow
  • alleviate the necessity to re-key or generate similar information from one project to another
  • creation of Transmittals
  • comprehensive set of control reports
  • provides a base of data that will have other uses, can interface with our other modules
  • fully customisable to your specific requirements, with company logo’s and headings
  • developed in MS Access, which provides a complete platform for addition and modification, and often desired connections to other Windows products
  • developed by a professional team with a combined experience of 100 years in the Architectural, Building,
    Construction, Engineering and Computer fields.
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